Articles in Archive 24:3 that have accompanying files

Pico RiscOS now for every Pi (Chris Hall) — p.16
Tailored version of OS now works on all models of Raspberry Pi

Using GPS with RiscOS (2) (Chris Hall) — p.21
Steam locomotive gains a 21st-century speedometer
(Full colour of screenshots and photos that were unclear in mono-printed magazine)

An XML batch to bank (Paul Porcelijn) — p.33
Ro tells the bank to collect direct debits

Monitors – from CRT to LCD (Gerald Fitton) — p.36
Ways of writing a monitor-definition file (before EDID),
with help from Steve Harrison’s Anymode module

Safe to back up? (hint&tip) — p.44
How to stop email activity while backup is happening,
with help from Christopher Martin’s Taskensure utility