Volume 19 Number 10

The following files contain software in support of features in Volume 19 Number 10 of the magazine.
Page File Content Download File  
- updates for the Archive Arscan datafiles from Eric Ayres 1910a.zip 1.04 Mbytes
9 files for Gerald Fitton's column 1910b.zip 25.9 Kbytes
35 files for Julian Fry's DataPower2 column 1910c.zip 49.1 Kbytes
39 software mentioned in Steve Fryatt's PD column 1910d.zip 48.5 Kbytes
7 code from Chris Howe's article on web cams 1910e.zip 1.07 Kbytes
45 files relating to Rob Johnson's GCC C/C++ Varieties article 1910f.zip 11.9 Kbytes
Full Download (all the above in a single Zip file) 1910.zip 1.04 Mbytes
Zip files can be read using !SparkFS or !Sparkplug.
If you have any difficulty downloading the files, please Contact us.

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