About the fonts used in this document

fonts sample - 6Kb

  Reading PDFs in RiscOS

!PDF, the RiscOS reader, substitutes Homerton for the Plantin and Eric (Gill) fonts used in the document.
The RiscOS result is quite readable — however, two difficulties turn up:

In newer versions of !PDF, the RiscOS reader, you can see the actual fonts by choosing Bitmap View (Ctrl-B or from the Display menu).

Reading PDFs on other platforms

All fonts and characters appear correctly in the more powerful PDF readers on other platforms, such as Foxit or Adobe Acrobat or (on Android) Xodo. (This is just as well, because they are what the printshop uses to produce the paper magazine!)

  Fonts in the Impression document

Impression gives a reasonable display using the default fonts Trinity and Homerton, but the actual fonts in the document are these:

Occasionally an article will contain special fonts such as Mathbest or Symbol.

The document was produced using Impression-X, but I have tweaked the file (byte 9) so that earlier versions of Impression should be able to read it.         —Ed.