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Using Google Wallet with RISC OS
some notes by Jim Nagel
Setting up an account
The first time you come to use Google Wallet you will need to set up an account. So far this has proved difficult with RISC OS browsers, so if you don't also have access to a different type of computer I'm happy for you to phone me and I will set it up for you with a temporary password. (See Contact for my telephone number; 11am to 9pm is usually fine.)
Once your account has been set up you can use RISC OS to change your password and to make online purchases from Archive or elsewhere. The Netsurf browser works fine; the Fresco display is ungainly but works.

Making a purchase with Netsurf
Click on the Buy Now button for the item you wish to purchase. This takes you immediately to a Google Wallet screen where you log in with your username and password. Then your bill for this purchase will be displayed and you simply confirm it. You'll get a confirmation email from Checkout.

Making a purchase with Fresco
First go to http://checkout.google.co.uk and log in to your account. Then, on the Archive page, click on the relevant Buy Now button, and ignore the Ecmascript error. Your bill for this purchase will be displayed, though badly formatted: you need to scroll far right to see the amount. Ignore everything between "Javascript not enabled" and the far bottom right, where there is a "Place your order now" button to click. You'll get confirmation on screen and then by email.

Using other browsers?
Please send me your experience. There's an Archive article in this!

You can't add multiple items to your Google shopping trolley. After confirming a first purchase, click "Return to Archive magazine" and purchase the next item separately. Google apparently designed this deliberately so that for small sites like Archive the code is kept extremely simple.
You might ask why not all values from 1 to 8 appear on the dropdown menu for the Compilation Booklets. It's because the booklets are priced at £5 each or £4 each if you buy 4 or more, and there is a further discount if you buy all 8. To keep the menu simple, please just email me to say which specific titles you want.
If you require any further help, please do Contact me. As the editor, I'd welcome individual contact with readers anyway.
Google Wallet is still in its infancy, and it's encouraging that its development team responds to suggestions, so we are hoping that it will not be long before it will be possible to set up a new account using a RISC OS browser.

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