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RISC OS is a personal computer windowing system used on Acorn Archimedes computers and their successors, including the Raspberry Pi. It is neither Microsoft nor Macintosh and is much preferred by its regular users for its ease of use, consistency and stability.

Archive magazine is available in support of RISC OS. It is a subscription-only magazine which relies on contributions from its readers.

NOTE: this is not Lürzer’s Archive, the art, design and advertising magazine.
See here for Lürzer’s library reference, website and email address.

Magazine a description of the magazine and its contents (see also cover of latest issue)
Search access to the Arcscan database, an index to your printed copies of Archive
Files details of monthly supporting software available for downloading
Booklets details of a series of compilation booklets dealing with specific subjects
URLs clickable lists of the URLs mentioned in the magazine and booklets
Forum details of the Archive-online forum for RISC OS users
Prices prices and payment, including an online payment method
Offer details of a FREE offer available to new readers (only)
Products details of all products available from Abbey Press (incl. new Vol.21 DVD)
Addresses addresses of suppliers of goods and services to the RISC OS community
Glossary an extensive glossary of general and RISC OS computing terms
Contact how to contact us by e-mail, telephone, fax or letter
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